April 1 - April 28, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 5:00 - 9:00

(in conjunction with 1st Thursdays DUMBO Gallery Walk)

Raghava KK
Carlton Scott Sturgill






In Private Space/Public Face Carlton Scott Sturgill and Raghava KK explore the forces at work in the vast spaces between the self and the public persona. Family, community expectations, taboos and the complex layering of the sexual self and how it is expressed within both the domestic and the private spheres serve as the building blocks to both artists’ work.

Sturgill creates with materials associated with our consumer-obsessed culture to bring to life the conflict between our need to push our individual sexual boundaries and our desire to appear as ambassadors of a white-picket-fence America. His use of sexuality as a medium to address this conflict serves to further highlight our lifelong struggle between private and public.

Raghava KK's work addresses the idealized concept of family to which we publicly aspire, juxtaposing this idea with dysfunctional imagery that suggests that in most families, all is not really as it appears. His series of paintings entitled Family Portraits presents several chilling tableaus of the relationship between father, mother, and child, based upon each individual's futile struggle for balance between his/her identity and sexuality.

The artists differ greatly, however, in their use of imagery. While Sturgill appropriates imagery from Craigslist postings, which by their very nature are meant to conjure up sexual associations, KK uses nudity as a reference to the most raw and primitive plane of human identity. Seen together, Carlton Scott Sturgill's and Raghava KK's works are a continuum of our efforts to forge a distinctive identity, each artist grappling with the ways in which we project the self.

Giacobetti Paul Gallery is in Dumbo at 111 Front Street on the second floor in Gallery #220.
The best way to get there is the F train to the York Street stop, down the hill a block and left a couple of blocks. The building is at the corner of Front and Washington.

Giacobetti Paul Gallery 111 Front street, Dumbo, brooklyn, nyc
director, Stephen Paul info@giacobettipaul.com